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I am aware that sustainability is a journey, and not a destination.


As a small business owner (just me), I am committed to doing my utmost to incorporate sustainable practices into every aspect of my operations.


From sourcing eco-friendly materials to minimising waste and energy consumption, I am constantly seeking innovative ways to reduce my environmental impact. 

39,000 coffee pods made every minute

75% not recycled*

*The Independent 6.10.2021

Plastic Free Packaging

Recycled and Recyclable

Recycled Metals

Stainless Steel and Aluminium

1 tree planted with every website order

Partnership with Ecologi

The Facts

Consciously Crafted

At Coffee Pod Creations, I want to look beyond the traditional take-make-waste model and instead focus on creating a more circular economy where waste and pollution are designed out and products and materials are kept in use.

I know that I can’t create a circular future alone, so I have teamed up and partnered with other charities and companies who have expertise in their area. 

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Sustainably made in small batches

What do I mean by sustainably made in small batches?

Small batches are more sustainable than mass produced items.  For a start, they’re not manufactured in a large factory with questionable labour practices and lots of raw materials.  I make each upcycled piece in my home workshop by hand.  This means I have take time and care to create with little waste.  I inspect the quality of each piece.  Sadly this doesn’t happen with mass produced items which if found faulty or with an imperfection end as waste. 

Sourcing Materials

Aluminium Coffee Pods

I receive coffee pods from my local community - I either collect from their home or the pods are dropped off at a convenient location.  I do have one supplier who posts their cleaned pods to me using Royal Mail. 

I enjoy receiving the coffee pods and seeing what colours and patterns I can use in my designs.

Nespresso does have a recycling scheme but sometimes the people who donate these aluminium pods either do not have access, or choose not to use the scheme. Therefore these coffee pods are destined for landfill.. 

Together we give this aluminium a second life.

Ecologi Logo


Coffee Pod Creations has now partnered with Ecologi to support community projects and reforestation.  

Ecologi helps people and companies offset their carbon emissions through a range of climate action projects.   Every online order will lead to one tree being planted in reforestation projections around the globe.  These projects meet the highest criteria in terms of climate action and have been certified “Gold Standard” or Verified Carbon Standard. 

Through my partnership with Ecologi, I purchase carbon offsets to make up for any emissions caused by the production and transportation of any new materials and beads.

If we all work to support all these small campaigns at the same time, we can make a huge impact. 

As Coffee Pod Creations grows, so too will the amount of trees we plant with Ecologi.

Recycling for Good Causes

Recycling for Good Causes

Recycling for Good Causes is a fantastic company and leading specialist-recycling fundraising operator in the U.K.

If you have unwanted or broken jewellery then send it to them!


They collect jewellery and watches (in any condition and made from any material) and recycle them.  The proceeds will be sent to your chosen charity or good cause.

Recycling for Good Causes has raised millions and is the fundraising partner with more than five thousand charities and good causes, both big and small.

For small items you can pop them in an envelope (no bigger than A5) and send direct to them.

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