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Inspiring Change: Plastic Free Champion

I am happy to share with you that Coffee Pod Creations is a Plastic Free Champion.

Surfers Against Sewage is a leading UK marine conservation and campaigning charity. They recognise independent, small businesses who are demonstrating a clear commitment to change and action with Plastic Free Champion status.

Here are the detailed steps I took to achieve this:

Recyclable Boxes:

At Coffee Pod Creations I use unbleached, cardboard boxes. These materials are easily recyclable and reusable.

Reusable Fillers:

I avoid using bubble wrap and if necessary use paper-based fillers or biodegradable packaging peanuts made from cornstarch. If on the rare occasion I do use bubble wrap, it has been reused and I hope the recipient can continue to use it.

Hessian Pouches:

These reusable pouches are made from natural hemp fabrics and are good for holding jewellery. These pouches can be reused by customers, reducing waste.

Newspaper Bags:

If the order isn’t a gift, then I package the jewellery in one of my handmade paper bags (I save interesting magazines and recipes and turn them into simple bags)

Minimalist Design:

I post orders in a slimline box. This minimalist approach reduces the amount of packaging used.

Eco-Friendly Labels and Stickers:

I use recycled paper and print using an Epson Eco-Tank Printer.

Biodegradable Tape:

Most items are wrapped using washi tape. Washi Tape is made from natural fibres and is biodegradable. If I do use clear tape, I choose tesafilm eco & clear environmentally friendly tape. The film and core are made from 100% recycled plastic - no solvents are used for the adhesive tape or Selotapes Plastic Free, Plant Based Tape.

I am now going for Gold Status as I am keen to reduce reliance on single-use plastics. If you have any suggestions or questions, please leave a comment.

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