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Collaboration is a key part of sustainability.

To ensure I take the best sustainable route, I have collaborated with selected organisations and initiatives.  Working with these experts has given me access to resources I wouldn't otherwise have.  Collaboration is a key part of sustainability.

Coffee Pod Creations has now partnered with Ecologi to support community projects and reforestation.  

Ecologi Logo in Green

Ecologi helps people and companies offset their carbon emissions through a range of climate action projects.   Every online order will lead to one tree being planted in reforestation projections around the globe.  These projects meet the highest criteria in terms of climate action and have been certified “Gold Standard” or Verified Carbon Standard. 

Through my partnership with Ecologi, I purchase carbon offsets to make up for any emissions caused by the production and transportation of any new materials and beads.

Recycling for Good Causes is a fantastic company and leading specialist-recycling fundraising operator in the U.K.

If you have unwanted or broken jewellery then send it to them!


They collect jewellery and watches (in any condition and made from any material) and recycle them.  The proceeds will be sent to your chosen charity or good cause.

Recycling for Good Causes has raised millions and is the fundraising partner with more than five thousand charities and good causes, both big and small.

For small items you can pop them in an envelope (no bigger than A5) and send direct to them.

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