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Did you know that every minute 39,000 coffee pods are made worldwide, while up to 29,000 are dumped in landfill sites? That’s so much aluminium that goes straight into landfill and damages our environment. It’s staggering stats like these that drive my vision for Coffee Pod Creations, to look beyond the take-make-waste model and instead focus on upcycling. 


Culturally, the coffee capsule is a symbol of a busy lifestyle. Coffee Pod Creations work represents the opposite: the slowing down and appreciating the little things. It is a conscious move towards a more sustainable jewellery practice. 

Coffee Pod Creations designs are not mass produced. Each item is handmade. There are many parts to the process and it takes a long time. However I love what I do and I feel passionately about why I do it.

*Research by Halo, 2019, a British producer of compostable coffee capsules 

* The Guardian, 14.07.22 ‘How Nespresso’s coffee revolution got ground down’

Upcycled Heart Earrings

Designed + Handmade in Hampshire, UK

Recycled Metals


Innovative Award 2023

Comfortable to wear

Meet the Maker

Vicky, Designer and Maker, holding a pair of earrings
Hi, I'm Vicky, the designer and maker of Coffee Pod Creations. I breathe new life into discarded coffee pods, transforming the aluminium into unique and eye-catching pieces of jewellery that tell a story of creativity and sustainability.

39,000 coffee pods made every minute

75% not recycled*

* The Guardian, 14.07.22 ‘How Nespresso’s coffee revolution got ground down’

One small business

Coffee Pod Creations 

trying to make a difference

550+ happy customers gave Coffee Pod Creations 5 star Reviews


Across Etsy and Trust Pilot

1 tree planted with every website order

Partnership with Ecologi

The Facts

Get in Touch

Have a question about what I do or where you can find Coffee Pod Creations? Please drop me a message and I will do my best to help.


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Coffee Pod Creations Certificate Theo Paphitis

Receiving Coffee Pod Creations' certificate from Theo as a Small Business Sunday (#SBS) competition winner. 

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