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Victoria is an artist, teacher and designer. Her first job was working weekends in a jewellery shop.  Where she made jewellery and taught workshops.   She attended University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Geography.  This is where her interest in supply chains and sustainability originated.  Since then, she has travelled and lived abroad, teaching workshops and selling her unique jewellery around the world to those that have a passion for conscious creations and sustainable style.

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Used aluminum coffee pods are collected from the community, carefully cleaned and transformed into a range of unique jewellery. Each item is handmade from the aluminium coffee pods which would be discarded.
Aluminium is a wonderful metal as it doesn’t tarnish, is hypoallergenic and lightweight. This makes it perfect for stylish and sustainable jewellery.
Items are not mass produced and no machinery is used in the process which gives it a special personalised touch. There are many parts to the process and it takes a long time. 
Coffee Pod Creations encapsulates the exciting, creative spirit in us all.  Please come on this journey and share the story.