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The Eden Project Exclusive: Introducing My Latest Jewellery Retail Outlet

A few months ago, I received an email from The Eden Project that left me feeling incredibly flattered and excited. They expressed their interest in stocking my upcycled designs in their gorgeous Gift Shop. I couldn't believe my luck! The thought of having my creations showcased in such a renowned and beautiful place was a dream come true.

Women standing by The Eden Shop sign

The Eden Project is known for its commitment to sustainability and showcasing innovative products, so being chosen to be stocked in their Gift Shop was truly an honour.

Stud Earrings in a box

I became inspired by the Eden Project and nature and as a result, I created an exclusive, brand new (but still upcycled!) set of earrings that are my most eco-friendly pair to date. They feature a folksy floral pattern and they are incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear and are sold at The Eden Project.

Pair of leaf shape green earrings by a leaf

Seeing my upcycled jewellery designs alongside other eco-friendly products in the Eden Project's gift shop was a dream come true. I poured my heart and soul into creating each piece, using upcycled aluminium to make beautiful and one-of-a-kind accessories.

Women wearing a blue necklace

Being able to share my passion for sustainability and creativity with visitors to the Eden Project was a wonderful opportunity, and I am grateful for the support and recognition my designs have received. I hope that my jewellery will inspire others to think about the impact of their purchases and consider supporting more sustainable and ethical brands in the future.

Women at Eden Project Shop holding upcycled earrings

Not able to visit the Eden Project? Here are some of the designs you can buy on-line

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