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hearts from coffee pods

My sustainability promise

I know there is a long way to go to make jewellery more environmentally friendly but I will continue to learn and improve my knowledge and adapt my operating practices so I am as environmentally sustainable as possible.

Consciously Crafted

At Coffee Pod Creations, I want to look beyond the traditional take-make-waste model and instead focus on creating a more circular economy where waste and pollution are designed out and products and materials are kept in use.

I know that I can’t create a circular future alone, so I have teamed up and partnered with other charities and companies who have expertise in their area.


Through my partnership with Ecologi, I  purchase carbon offsets to make up for any emissions caused by the production and transportation of new materials.  For some parts of jewellery making, for example earring hooks and earring posts, I use new materials.  When I do buy new, I choose stainless steel because it doesn't tarnish, it is long lasting and strong. 

For unwanted, unworn or faulty jewellery these items are sent to 'Recycling for Good Causes'.  This continues the circular loop and stops jewellery ending up in landfill.

Jewellery Repairs

Reusing and repairing is essential for a circular economy

I regularly repair jewellery at Petersfield's Eco Cafe with donations going to Petersfield Climate Action Network (registered charity in England & Wales No. 1192778).

Messages like this one, make my day, 

"Mended jewellery reignites the special feeling of joy (in its beauty, meaning, provenance,etc) , which is sadly lost when it's broken.  You are mending feelings as well as jewellery!  Thank you!"


I never intend to mislead customers and I am regularly evaluating my processes and practices.  Where I do use phrases like, 'eco-friendly' and 'sustainable' it is to highlight the benefits of specific products and using materials to their fullest potential.  By choosing Coffee Pod Creations you are minimising the use of new resources and saving items from reaching landfill.

UN Sustainable Developmental Goal

Climate Action UN goal 13 Coffee Pod Creations
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